• Acts Commentary

    The Acts Of The Apostles – Part of the Pillar New Testament Commentary series (Grand Rapids/Cambridge; Nottingham: Apollos, 2009). Click to read an excerpt from the preface…

  • ‘Enriched in Every Way’

    How should gifts and ministries be exercised in the Church today? Check out B. S. Rosner (ed.), The Wisdom of the Cross. Exploring 1 Corinthians (Nottingham: Apollos, 2011), 134-163.

  • Transformed by God

    Transformed by God

    How does God work on us to change us? Jeremiah’s promise of a New Covenant, as applied in various New Testament passages, shows us what to expect and pray for. Click here for a summary introduction to my new book.

  • Hebrews and Perfection

    Hebrews and Perfection

    An updated and abbreviated version of my original work on this important theme can be found in this new book of essays on the theology of Hebrews, edited by Jonathan Griffiths.

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